Our Core Values showcase what is integral to the success of our organization in efforts to achieve our Vision and forward our Mission.

(D)eveloping Communities + (R)eal Conversations + (E)conomic Opportunities + (A)dvocacy in the Arts = (M)aking Dreams Come True

Skill enhancement – UDMA uses social emotional learning to help underserved youth build the skills, confidence, and leadership they need to reimagine their dreams. In addition, UDMA provides youth in North Texas particularly the Dallas ­Fort Worth area a place where they are uplifted, a place where they can be mentored and trained by the most elite musicians in the city. College Readiness – Develop additional pre-college pathways for students to increase college readiness. (Instrumental and music technique clinics with music scholars, Fine Arts College Fairs, College tours, speaker events.) Hold life learning seminars (Time management, Money management). Performance Opportunities – Teach youth locally and nationally the great world of music by providing opportunities for the youth to perform music in some of the greatest settings of the world, as well as prepare them for opportunities to play in college and professional ensembles. This helps build the confidence of the students.


SHOWMANSHIP | “Put your best foot forward”: It is important to embark on every journey with purpose and gusto. We are dedicated to striving for excellence as an organization and individually.

CAMARADERIE | “Value our people”: We are a family and we must value each despite one’s role within the organization. Physical health and emotional wellness is a component to reaching the aim of excellence in all of our endeavors. Having a safe and secure environment for everyone in our organization is fundamental to physical health and emotional wellness.

RESPECT | “Show Deference”: Having respect for self and others cultivates nobility, self confidence, and camaraderie which is integral to our mission. Deference is to be applied to individuals, cultures, laws, and customs as it relates to our world-wide activities. Having a positive frame of mind, demeanor, and using positive language is conducive to achieving our mission.

PRIDE | “Cordiality among all within” : UDMA is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment. Inclusivity for all is paramount for achieving success. We welcome diversity with open arms and promote inclusion among all constituents of our organization and within our community. If these standards are ignored, remedial measures will be taken to ensure impartiality and fairness for all.