Every Child Has

A Dream

Through our comprehensive, tuition-free music & fine art programs and social support we help underserved youth build the skills, confidence, and leadership they need to reimagine their dreams.

About Us.

Urban Dreams Music & Arts Program (UDMAP) is a 501(c) 3
non-profit organization that believes every young musician has the fundamental right to have a dream. Through marching band each student is able to showcase their musicianship. Urban Dreams is a fundraising vehicle for scholars, parents and organizations doing the work needed to re-frame our narrative and legacy. We understand that in order to change the future, the community as a collective must invest in the dreams of our children.

Our Purpose.

UDMAP puts more emphasis on arts and academics. Poverty disguises itself in many forms and continues to stifle economic growth in urban communities, leaving little hope for children looking to break the cycle.

What We Do.

(D)eveloping Communities + (R)eal Conversations + (E)conomic Opportunities + (A)dvocacy in the Arts

= (M)aking Dreams Come True

College Readiness The arts allow students to have a sense of imagination and putting an emphasis on increasing scholastic achievement prepares our youth for success during their college years and far beyond.

Skill Enhancement UDMAP provides youth in North Texas particularly the Dallas  ­Fort Worth area a place where they are uplifted, a place where they can be mentored and trained by the most elite musicians in the city.

Performance Opportunities.

UDMAP will teach youth in the DFW Metroplex the great music of the world, provide opportunities for them to perform that music in some of the greatest settings of the world, as well as prepare them for opportunities to play in collegiate and professional ensembles.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to build and sustain a community fine arts program that supports the dreams, goals and overall academic success of students’ grades 6 – 12 through music and arts education. Urban Dreams wishes to strengthen local band programs, increase college readiness and develop talent for collegiate and professional instrumental music ensembles. Through music theory, instructional learning and digital media, we challenge scholars to be creators and innovators as they develop their own sound.